Neem leaves powder


100 g


An anti-bacterial & anti-dandruff powder.

The antiseptic and curative properties of Neem are legendary. Hesh Neem powder can also be used on hair for treating acute dandruff problems. When used on skin, Hesh Neem powder has a germicidal and anti bacterial action that can help allergies, bed sores, prickly heat and rashes. It also helps to remove excessive oiliness from the skin and helps fight skin disorders and eruptions. When used generally, the powder acts as a prophylactic. Moreover, the powder is an excellent deodorant and is active against nappy rashes and dried up measles.

Briefly, ‘Hesh Neem Leaves Powder’ has the following advantages:

• Natural antiseptic
• Can help skin disorders
• Helps control natural oil balance of skin
• Helps clear dandruff


Add a few table spoons of need powder  to water or your favourite carrier oil to form a paste. Apply to hair from roots to tips. Or apply to skin. Wait for about 20 minutes and rinse out.



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