Pure Ghassoul ( Rhassoul ) Clay


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Rhassoul otherwise known as  Ghassoul is very high in minerals such as magnesium and silica, making it excellent for rejuvenation of your skin and hair. It is a rare clay mined inside the Atlas Mountains. Highly active, Moroccan Ghasool ( Rhassoul ) Clay Absorbs impurities from skin which leaves it clear and less prone to outbreaks. Rich in skin loving silica, skin is loft soft, smooth and toned. It will leave hair soft, conditioned and cleansed.

Rhassoul clay can be used like most other clays. Just some of the options include:

  • Face Scrub
  • Face Mask
  • Full Body Mask
  • A Natural Shampoo
  • Dandruff Fighter
  • As part of a massage
  • Hair Mask
  • Deep Hair Conditioner
  • Massaged in to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints

The clay makes one of the best natural shampoo alternatives as it gently cleanses without the strong alkalinity of many “no-poo” shampoos. It contains a high level of saponins which are natural cleansing agents found in certain plant materials which form somewhat of a lather when mixed with water. It gives hair an extra bounce without the dry, too squeaky feeling most typical store-bought shampoos provide with all of their chemical ingredients.

One of the best conditioners and detanglers there is, Rhassoul clay makes hair especially soft and silky, and more manageable too with tangles easily brushed away. Its potent moisturizing and remineralizing properties truly make it unbeatable by giving your hair the extra shine and silkiness you’ve been looking for.


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