GODREJ NUPUR 100% PURE HENNA -120 gramms


120 g

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Henna, also known as Mehendi is pure used as a natural hair coloring & conditioning agent. Godrej nupur henna is a 100% herbal product with no chemicals added, and is made with only 100% Henna.
⦁ Makes hair thicker and stronger
⦁ Covers unwanted gray hair: Keeps hair soft and silky. Gives a beautiful golden hue to dark hair.
⦁ Makes hair shinier and lustrous
⦁ Keeps hair soft and silky


Pour the Godrej nupur henna powder into a bowl. Gradually add water. Mix thoroughly into a thick creamy, paste-like consistency. Wear gloves (included) to protect against staining. Apply paste to hear evenly by application brush (included). Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse well until water runs clear, then shampoo and condition.


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